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Weeks 2 and 3 Friday Night Darts League

Friday the 3rd of March

Saw the mixed blind draw doubles at the Cardinals Dart Club and again the talent on display was immense.

Round Robin Groups determined the last 4 pairs of players pit their skills against each other to get to the final 2.

Last week’s singles winner Howie “The Duck” Jones and his partner Cosi Duva just missed out by the narrowest of margins 3 sets to 2 and were beaten by Ged and Jimmy.

The other semi saw Steve”The Parrot” Robertson and his partner Roz Watkins convincingly overturned 3 sets to 0 by the inform duo Barry “The Rhythm” Gardner and the Mr consistent himself Grant “Dobbo” Dobson.

This set up a mouth-watering affair between Ged and Jimmy “Dart Shop” Welch and the informers Baz and Dobbo.

With the exception of a few missed doubles by Ged and Jimmy, they were beaten by the two consistent players of the night 3 sets to 0.

Well done to Barry and Grant.

The blind draw Tiered trebles next week will  no doubt be as equally exciting.


Friday 10th of March

Saw the draw of all three tiered players take part in the blind draw triples, with the round robin stages to start with, against each other.

The blind draw was made and under supervision of all players, one group stood out more than any other on the night, not for being all male or all female, not for being the best looking team, not for being the best throwers……in fact, if you did the draw a 100 times, this particular team would probably not emerge.

The team was Dave “Jock” Methven, his son Sean “Happy” Methven and boy did he display that happy side all night and finally, Jan Methven, a true family affair.

Again, 180’s were being hit for fun and all the tier three players stepped up to the plate in a true Ozzie ‘never say die’ style and help get their team into the final.

After a fiercely fought competition throughout the round robin stages, three teams came out with equal points.

Barry, Steve and Liz, then there was Howie, Mitch and Andy P and finally, Platty, Andy H and Big Terry.

This resulted in a 501 play off with all three Tier one players, play off for two spaces with the final two teams emerging from the play off’s.

These were Baz, Steve and Liz Versus Howie, Mitch and Andy P.

The final of this will be the first game of next week due to one of the finalist players mistakenly going home as they thought the nights play was completed.

In true DOSH fairness to all players, the Chairman David Platt conversed with the other finalists and again in true fair play spirit, all decided to make the final the first game of next week.

At least they’ll have a big crowd watching to add to their jangly nerves.




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