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Week 1 Friday Night Darts League

What a great start to Friday night darts at the impressive Olympic Kingsway Soccer Club venue.

Not knowing really what to expect, I for one was somewhat apprehensive as to how dart players would react to an end of the week dart night.
Those concerns were quickly banished as 24 players signed up in double quick time.A few apologies from half a dozen that couldn’t make it till next week also sent out encouraging signs for the success and longevity of this league.

4 groups of 6 players set off in the round robin stages in their quests to be one of the 2 players who make it out of their respective group to go into the last 8 knockout stages.

The cry of 180 was bellowed out from each board number on a regular basis, some 25 plus were logged in just the RR stages.
The last 8 saw Leanne Watkins, (a very capable young dart player) make it off her board, Howard Jones, who has a wealth of experience and a former State Player make it into the final stages, along with faithful DOSH players, Grant Dobson, Jamie Miles to name a few.
The night also saw some very impressive youngsters hit out, the likes of Steve (Mohawk) Robertson, Jakim Dickson, Donald Botha to name just a few.

All in all, the night was a big success which can and will only get better.
Players are still welcome and with cheap bar prices, the venue hits every mark.

The final 8 results

Quarter Finals

D.Platt 2 v L.Watkin 0

G.Dobson 1 v J.Miles 2

H.Jones 2 v J.Dickson 0

B.Gardner 2 v A.Hamilton 0

Semi Finals

D.Platt 2 v J.Miles 1

H.Jones 2 v B.Gardener 1


D.Platt 1 v H.Jones 2

Winner – $60.00 Runner Up – $30.00 Semi-finalists – $15.00 each.

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